I have always been drawn to observing the wide range of human expression found within our society, and have been moved to find connections in these experiences to my own life. Having been a meditation practitioner since my teenage years, it’s another kind of meditation, a pendulum swing of witnessing and integrating that I'm always inspired by.

Photography is the perfect creative expression and embodiment of that pendulum swing. Some shots are planned ahead of time and well thought-out, but ultimately the work is solely determined by the moment itself. Capturing an image involves being present with what’s happening and to stay present within myself to really see it.

For me, there's a feeling in photography which mimics the "call and response" of old-time music. I am hearing the call of the experience and person I’m with and am responding to it with my camera. Photography is the ultimate collaboration with humanity. I feel extremely honored to do what I do. 

I am passionate about a great many things – music, art, food, the environment, the state of our world, and many of those subjects are what I photograph, but it is the human element within all of them that drives me to keep creating... that's the juice.



• Pursued a double major in art and psychology at UC Santa Barbara

• Art assistant for Powell Peralta skateboard company

• Received Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, Academy of Art College, San Francisco

• Concept Artist for Industrial, Light & Magic and Lucasfilm; projects include Star Wars (Episodes I, II, and III), The Hulk, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns

• Digital paintwork for Annie Leibowitz and Mark Seliger; publications include Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and TV Guide

• Feature photography article "Gone Girls" in C Magazine winter '15/'16 issue

• Freelance photographer since 2008; work includes political, social, corporate, and philanthropic events, music, art, headshots and portraiture.

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