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  • Tommy Guerrero Japan Tour 2016

    Greetings from 2017! It was just a hop and a skip over December and it's already 2017. Hard to believe last year went by so quickly...

    In part, the end of the year went by so quickly because I spent most of December in Japan documenting musician and pro skateboarder Tommy Guerrero's music tour for Ello (with support from Arkitip and Rush Productions). Ello is a fairly new app/platform aimed at creating community amongst creative types (artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, etc.) and the best part is, unlike most social media apps, they don't sell your information so you don't have to worry about being subjected to an onslaught of ads or having your information sold to third parties. That's refreshing. So it was wonderful to have a creative platform to share pics and stories of the tour along the way.

    The tour encompassed 10 shows over 17 days and covered a wide spectrum of ground zipping back and forth across the continent. Some of the longest stretches we traveled were between Shizuoka and Sendai (337 miles) and Sendai to Nagoya (443 miles), but the long hours spent on trains made for great sightseeing. We saw snow passing through Hokkaido, made 6 trips past Mount Fuji, saw oceans, mountains, villages, rice fields, rivers, highrises in Tokyo... Japan was breathtaking from every angle.

    Tommy approached this tour a bit differently than tours in the past. Instead of bringing his entire band, he opted for a solo tour to debut his new Japanese release, "The Endless Road". He performed with a loop machine to create layers of sound while riffing on his guitar, running the sound through effects pedals to delay and stretch the sonic tones in different directions. It was dreamy and beautiful... and at times fully rockin'. He wanted the night to end with a dance party so once he put the guitar down, he moved to the turntables to spin his favorite soul 45's. The fans loved it.

    And I loved documenting every minute of the tour and shot upwards of 7,800 photos. You can see the pics and blog posts on the Tommy Guerrero Ello page HERE. Below are a few of my favorite shots, with a few new additions I didn't previously post.

    Wishing you all a peaceful, heart-full year ahead.


  • Tommy Guerrero / El Diablitos Summer Tour 2015

    My idea of vacation is hitting the road with dear friends, with good music, and snapping lots of photos along the way. I joined Tommy Guerrero & El Diablitos on a quick lil' Cali music tour a week ago which was just what the doctor ordered. I also used the tour as an excuse to try out some new gear... I rented the Sony a7S with the FE 28-70mm lens which was a lot of fun. Nice to trade in my heavy photo gear for something lighter and more compact. I was also interested in seeing how the high ISO capabilities on the Sony measured up in the low light situations I knew I'd be finding myself in. Pretty good overall. Anway... here's a few snaps to share!

    First stop: Leo's Music Club in Oakland. Great crowd, fun night!

    Tommy Guerrero/guitar, Josh Lippi/bass, Chuck Treece/drums, Marc Capelle/trumpet, and Matt Rodriguez/percussion

    Next stop: The Mercury Lounge in Goleta/Santa Barbara. Such a sweet little venue... and great to see so many cherised old friends from my SB skater girl days!

    L-R: Tommy Guerrero/guitar, Josh Lippi/bass, Chuck Treece/drums, Tony Guerrero/guitar/El Diablitos, and Pam Flores/vocals/El Diablitos

    We made a stop in LA on our way south to meet up with long time KCRW DJ, Garth Trinidad, at the historic Pann's Diner on La Tijera

    Next stop: San Diego at the Lafayette Hotel...

    Josh Lippi is the master of giving 110% and also knowing when to capitalize on those rare chill moments in between the hustle. The true sign of a road veteran!

    Sound check provided some impromptu noodling under the historic clam shell

    Note: When you need the floor tom lifted, paint cans do the trick!Triple camera selfie action (can you find all three?)Great to see some legends come out to the show!

    L-R: Chuck Treece, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, and photographer Grant Brittain

    Last show of the trip was in Venice Beach at the Townhouse Speakeasy. Tony Guerrero/El Diablitos slayed the crowd with his heavy surf guitar sounds...

    Master of beats, Fredo Ortiz (of Beastie Boys fame), added some beautiful percussive elements to Tommy's set

    And lastly, it was nice to catch a little porch time with skate legend, Natas Kaupas, on our way home