• Toro y Moi

    Late nights and lack of sleep are somehow all worth it when you get to witness talented people do their thang... Caught Chaz Bundick, aka Toro y Moi, DJ an Outside Lands After Party in the gritty 6th & Mission area of SF late last night (Side note: If you ever want to see the dark underbelly of San Francisco in full force, just walk down 6th St at 2am. Yikes. That area of SF is so rough!).

    Anyway... Chaz was a super lovely person to meet. We swapped stories about living in Berkeley and how many cups of tea we both drank in order to still be awake at 2am. :) Once he got on the turntables the crowd went wild. The house was sweaty and packed full of happy, enthusiastic party-people which made it extra fun...

    Chaz being interviewed by Emily McDermott from Interview Magazine in the green room before his DJ set